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In Belém,

The Tsukiji

Inspired by what was the world's largest fish market in Japan for more than 80 years. Here where seafood is more than just a meal, it emerges as moments, moments that create memories and transport us on a journey between the Portuguese soul and the mysteries of Asia, sailing through fresh and exotic flavors, in the company of the best that the seven seas have to offer. A route where one feels the passion in each dish, the attention to each detail and a desire to make another belong. It is from this mixture between influences and sensations that is born, by the hands of Chef Paulo Morais, the Tsukiji.


The maritime inspiration in each dish navigates the art of creating fusions of taste that surprises the palate and testify to a gastronomic experience of refinement in the biggest reference of Asian cuisine in Portugal.

To be a restaurant of reference in the sustainability of all its performance, from the decoration of the space to the confection of all the dishes in the use of each fresh fish, in five gastronomic moments, from the scale to the fin.


The main room welcomes its visitors with a balcony of fresh fish and seafood, refreshed by water vapor, where beautiful examples of the sea are grouped together.


Open all day, the Wine & Sake Bar has more than 100 Portuguese wines, Champagne and about 20 Sake's.


We have a more intimate room, with 30 seats, where you can make your event.




Rua dos Jerónimos, nº 12 1400-206 Lisboa


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