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Located in Belém,  in a ample and comfortable space, suitable for the hole, the tone of the wood, in perfect harmony with the blue maritime and the lioz stone in pastel shades, with three areas  well organized to welcome at various times of the day,  Wine & Sake Bar, Main Room and Blue Room.

The Wine & Sake Bar with its twenty seats is perfect for relaxing throughout the day and can accommodate wine tastings, receptions, etc.

it has 20 seats available

The Blue Room has thirty to seats and invites you to a more intimate atmosphere and with the possibility of being isolated from the main room is perfect for a meal with friends or corporate dinners, among other events.

it has 32 seats available

Finally,  we highlight the Main Room, that greets the visitors with a lush fish and seafood counter, where beautiful examples of the sea lay tempting. Among roosterfish, anglerfish,grouper, snapper, turbot or sole also stand proud razor clams, sea urchins, or prawns, which are always creatively cooked.