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About us

In an ample and comfortable space, intended to be for the whole family, chef Paulo Morais as a reference of Asian food in Portugal bets on a quality gastronomic offer at affordable prices, with Asian Twist marking the dishes of fish, seafood and meat that is served there. The Wine & Sake Bar, with more than 100 references of Portuguese wine, champagne and sake is an excellent preamble to the meal.

The shades of wood stand out in perfect harmony with the maritime blue and the pastel lioz stone, with several areas organized to welcome the diners at various times of the day.

Chef Paulo Morais


Paulo Morais was one of the first chefs to dedicate himself to sushi in Portugal and is admittedly one of the most knowledgeable about oriental cuisine nationwide. Professor at the School of Tourism and Hospitality of Estoril, he passed recognized restaurants like Midori, Bica do Sapato, Umai and Rabo d’Pêxe, from where he left to take over the kitchen and management of Kanazawa. In 2017, it launched the Asian Kitchen Manual, a cookbook from several Southeast Asian countries, including Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. In April 2019, he opened his second restaurant in Lisbon, the Tsukiji, in Belém.


Inspired by the name of the world’s largest fish market in Japan, Tsukiji is the true gastronomic experience with the best that the sea has to offer. Fresh fish in 5 moments, 5 fusions of flavors with the “Asian twist” characteristic of the gastronomic trip of 5 senses that the chef Paulo Morais prepared for each one of us.

The main room welcomes and welcomes its visitors with a fresh fish and seafood counter, permanently refreshed by water vapor, where beautiful examples of the sea are grouped together.